One of the services that Parabellum stands out for is business improvement with our artificial intelligence-based systems that provide numerous advanced features and information that you can use to improve your business, starting with security, through personnel management, and even a complete business strategy. Our team of experts creates an individual solution for each client based on the type of business and specific needs.

  1. POS interaction

The checkout terminal is where most of the arguments and arguments happen. It is crucial to ensure a stable and continuous high-resolution recording and the appropriate implementation of functions such as POS interaction for later investigation of the event.
Video images and corresponding POS information can be combined by integrating the POS system and the intermediate recorder. When reviewing the recordings of your security system, you can see the POS information corresponding to any transaction, very simply.

By integrating the POS system into the video surveillance of your facility, you can monitor all transactions of your business anytime and anywhere, solve all misunderstandings and problems that are very common in the buyer-seller relationship, and also control your employees.

It’s also extremely easy to search for transactions via text search.

This system is very useful for all companies that own a POS terminal for payment.

  1. Heat map analytics

Heat Map is a system that uses images recorded by IP cameras and thus helps retail establishments to have a better insight into the movement patterns of visitors at a certain time or live through a graphic display in different shades of color.

The benefit of the Heat Map system in sales facilities is great:

  • Helps to discover the most frequented parts of the facility (Hot spot)
    • It also detects dead zones
    • Shows overloading of certain zones (aisles, checkout etc.)
  • Assists in planning promotional activities and marketing techniques
  • It helps in improving the internal layout of the facility and product positioning


This smart analytics feature can be used in numerous scenarios and can significantly improve business in mega markets and large clothing stores, it can provide information on which parts of the store customers visit the most and stay the longest, which provides the opportunity to strategically distribute merchandise and promotional material.

  1. Counting people

Every sales company should be counting customer traffic to see the bigger picture of what’s going on in their business. Whether it’s a mall, retail chain, museum, library, bank, restaurant, people counting data will help you make well-informed decisions about your business. Our cameras provide intelligent people counting analysis functions and provide real-time human circulation data. Daily/monthly/yearly reports can also be drawn very easily, which is very useful for forming a business strategy. The people counting system can capture important information related to visitors in sports halls, football and athletics stadiums, concerts, music festivals, fairs, etc.

  1. Queue management

This solution can be implemented in the operations of smaller companies such as beauty and hair salons, gyms, fitness centers, mini markets, but also in megamarkets, banks, airports, health facilities, festivals, concerts. After the covid-19 pandemic, there was a need to count people in the building due to the decision to limit the number of people per square meter. With the help of our cameras, this process can be automated with an entry counter and displays that show how many people are inside the facility at any time and by alarming if the allowed number is exceeded. This system in combination with the system for controlling body temperature and wearing a mask makes a perfect solution for your business.

  1. Recognition of license plates

Monitoring, control and management of traffic or fleet of corporate vehicles is extremely important for the successful development of public traffic as well as private-commercial traffic of companies. Our LPR system records all vehicles that pass through a certain zone, recording the vehicle and the number plate, and then compares them with the data from the database.

License plate recognition can be used to control access to secured facilities, manage parking space, manage traffic inside warehouses, and automatic parking lots, which are most prevalent in shopping centers, are given new opportunities and save money.

  1. Face recognition

Modern solutions for video surveillance have the ability to detect and record faces and compare them with incredible accuracy, even up to 99%. Uniview is one of the leaders and pioneers of facial recognition technology implemented in video surveillance systems.

Reports on the presence, arrival and departure of employees

By applying facial recognition technology, this new method is more accurate, faster and safer. Thanks to this technology, employees will no longer have to carry identification cards with them all the time, video surveillance or a facial recognition terminal will identify their arrival and departure using facial recognition software, and teachers and professors will not have to call each student individually. An excellent tool for large companies, universities, dormitories, factories, events, conferences, etc.

VIP list

Loyal VIP clients are a very important business factor, but the staff is not always able to recognize them immediately. Our video surveillance system with facial recognition technology can provide unique solutions that were not available before. When important clients appear in your business (restaurant, casino, hotel, bank…) you will be automatically notified so that you will be able to react in time and host your most important clients as befitting.

Black list

The use of the blacklist will provide additional assistance to law enforcement personnel in identifying suspects whose images are in the database. For commercial clients, the list of people of special interest can be used in a similar way to send a notification to the owner, manager, monitoring center and take appropriate measures if undesirable blacklisted persons are detected in casinos, sports facilities, hotels, shopping centers, mega markets .