Parabellum LLC has a technical support team available 24/7. The team is made up of licensed experts for setting up and maintaining technical security systems.

Every protection system after setting up and installation at your facility requires regular and preventive maintenance. Depending on the type of equipment, operating conditions and other parameters, we determine the optimal time interval in which control and service of your protection system is performed.

Regular preventive inspections, testing and cleaning contribute to your system working without interruptions and thereby diagnose the condition of the devices and equipment you own. Every service intervention on your security equipment is recorded in the service sheet that you get to see, and in this way a record is kept of the correctness and safety of the system you own.

Every type of sabotage and attempt to disrupt your protection devices is detected in our monitoring center and informs the technical service that goes out to the field and removes all the causes that disrupt the operation of your protection system.