With the emergence of the corona virus, which caused a pandemic of global proportions, the world economy suffered a heavy blow. The continuation of business and production, then the return of children to schools and kindergartens today are serious challenges on the way to economic recovery because there is a fear of further spread of the infection and all of this requires serious preventive measures. Elevated body temperature is one of the symptoms of COVID-19, and that is why during the epidemic it is important to effectively monitor, control and analyze the movement of people in areas with the highest number of cases.

Parabellum offers a large number of products for body temperature control, starting from complex thermal cameras and terminals for facial recognition and temperature control with modules for measuring temperature on the forehead or wrist, up to intelligent pillars and gates for detecting metal and body temperature.
Devices for controlling body temperature in the era of the corona virus pandemic have a very wide area of application, from mini markets, beauty salons, cafeterias, restaurants, through health institutions, police stations, fairs, public gatherings, concerts, nightclubs, hotels, casinos, and even airports , shopping centers, large companies and factories with hundreds of employees.