The most efficient and best way to protect your home or business is to install a unique security alarm system that we own.
Anti-burglary alarm systems have a very wide range of applications in the technical protection of residential buildings, large business centers and special purpose buildings, preventing the entry of unauthorized persons and incident situations caused by technical defects in buildings.
Our anti-burglary alarm systems provide protection of property and people against unauthorized access to the facility, with the help of a network of motion and sound detectors,
but they record and prevent other risky situations, such as floods, fires, gas leaks and similar unwanted events.
Known for their professionalism, the Parabellum team uses state-of-the-art alarm systems that can be used for both business and private purposes.
A large number of companies, wanting to protect physical access to their assets and confidential data, as well as alienation of expensive equipment, install alarm systems to prevent potential danger. On the other hand, more and more natural persons decide that alarm systems take care of their security. In this way, they feel safer and more relieved.

Alarm systems that are used for private purposes serve to protect against the intrusion of unwanted persons into the house and your property.
Recently, cases of robberies and thefts have become more frequent. Unfortunately, conflicts and injuries to their owners often occur in them.
It is precisely for these reasons that alarm systems are installed in order to prevent unwanted situations in a timely manner, and in the event of an attack, to create a warning and cause fear in the attacker, who looks to hide and escape instead of attacking.
Also, when you are on a trip, you can have an insight into the events in your facility at any time through a mobile phone application, which is connected to the alarm system.
In this way, you will have 24/7 monitoring of events in your home.

Alarm systems are the basis for the security of business premises and facilities where access is strictly prohibited (laboratories, rooms where confidential data and money are kept or places where people who must be protected are located).
Alarm systems can save your business by keeping valuable documents or devices from being stolen.
It is not only a matter of material value, because it is compensable, but it is about the value of information (documents, manual records, electronic records stored on disks, etc.). When sensitive information gets into the hands of the wrong people, the damage can be immeasurable.

Parabellum offers a large number of the most diverse modules, sensors and detectors for all locations and all applications: PIR sensors, dual PIR and microwave sensors, acoustic sensors for detecting glass breakage, sensor contacts for windows and doors, earthquake detectors, anti-masking sensors and resistance sensors to the movement of pets, external sensors resistant to all climatic conditions, smoke, fire, gas and flood detectors, alarm sirens with alarm light, wireless panic button, manual SOS panic button to call for help, etc.


Motion detectors are the foundation of your alarm system. Their purpose is the detection of unauthorized presence and movement in the protected area.
The PIR motion detector intended for indoor protection detects the movement of an object that has the temperature of the human body.
The detection characteristics can be optimized by using alternative lenses for a long corridor, pets, curtains.
The double pir detector is designed to detect the movement of the human body inside objects, and the detection in two zones provides high resistance to the movement of pets.


Want to protect your family and property while in the facility? There is a high probability that the burglar will try to enter the building by breaking glass surfaces or opening doors and windows. By turning on the night mode of your alarm control panel, the glass break detectors in combination with the door and window opening detectors will enable you to detect unauthorized entry while you move around the house undisturbed. Dual glass break sensor technology reacts to changes in air pressure and is accompanied by sound analysis to ensure a high level of resistance to false alarms.
Door and window opening detectors are the first line of protection for your home. It will detect any unauthorized, violent or non-violent attempt to open doors and windows.
In combination with glass break detectors, they represent the ultimate protection of your home even while you are in it.


Detect danger in time and save life. Fire, flood and gas leak represent a real danger to life and property, upgrade your alarm system with fire, flood and gas leak detectors and provide yourself with time to react and prevent danger.

Fire detectors are able to recognize the presence of smoke at an early stage, as well as an increase in temperature in the premises, flood detectors recognize the appearance of water in the room, and gas leak detectors are activated by the leakage of flammable gases or vapors (natural gas, methane, propane, butane, acetylene , etc.).


Alarm sirens and light signals have multiple purposes. Their primary purpose is local advertising of you and the surrounding area in the event of a burglary, but at the same time they have a huge psychological impact on the burglar, who will be made clear that his intention has been discovered.


The panic button is an indispensable part of the security of many companies that operate with a large turnover of money or high-value goods such as banks, post offices, vaults, casinos, betting shops, etc. It is also ideal for elderly or immobile people, who can use this button to easily signal when they need help.

After pressing the panic button, the alarm will be activated in the Parabellum monitoring center, the operators will immediately contact the client and, if necessary, the intervention team will go to the field and contact the police or emergency services.
Depending on the client’s needs, there are different ways of communication available: wireless, wired and IP communication within the system, as well as notification via mobile phone, e-mails and the use of the Internet for communication with the user and operators in the Parabellum monitoring center.

When the sensor detects a problem, it alerts the alarm center (control panel), then the alarm center immediately sends a notification to our monitoring center with an on-call intervention team that, in the event of an alarm activation, immediately goes to the field and, if necessary, notifies the competent services (police, firemen, ambulance ).